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Enter your KMTC container tracking number below. The format is KMTU1234567 to get the status of his KMTC container in real time.

Click on "Load tracking box" -> Wait for tracking page to load -> Enter order Number and track - > Now click Close
If tracking tool does not work,Go to link at the bottom of the page

About KMTC

kmtc trackingSince its establishment in 1954, KMTC has been Korea’s leading shipping company. With more than half a century of complete liner service logistics knowledge, KMTC continues to provide the highest quality service and has expanded its fleet to expand its service boundaries to fully meet the needs of its customers. is steadily building.

With offices in Busan, Incheon and Ulsan, South Korea, from the northernmost point of Hokkaido to the southernmost point of Kyushu, to over 30 ports in Japan, from the northernmost point of Dalian to the southernmost point of Hong Kong, KMTC has We have a logistics network of over 16 ports in China. We have over 22 global networks in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It has a global network of 9+ ports across Northwest Asia and the Middle East. In 1999, we acquired the Ulsan Container Terminal at Ulsan Port for efficient container handling and shipping operations. .

KMTC tracking help

  • If you have any problems with the container tracking system, please track your container directly on the KMTC website .
  • If you can’t get tracking information from KMTC official website , we recommend contacting KMTC.

KMTC Container Tracking Number Format

When shipping with KMTC, you will get a KMTC container tracking number in the format KMTU1234567. KMTU is the prefix for KMTC. Learn more about KMTC container tracking number from the picture below.
kmtc container tracking

KMTC Container Tracking Help Center

If you have any issues with the KMTC container tracking system,

Please let us know ,we will try to track the status for you.However,we cant contact on behalf of you regarding any shipment issue.For any support please contact with their official support team.

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