AirCargo Tracking – Track AWB Number

What is any Air way bill Number ?

An Air Waybill (AWB) is a document that is attached to goods shipped by International Air Courier and provides detailed information about the shipment so that it can be tracked. There are multiple copies of the invoice, which can be documented by each party involved in the shipment. An air waybill (AWB), also known as an air consignment, is a type of bill of lading. However, while the AWB functions like a bill of lading, the AWB is issued in a non-negotiable form, so it is less protected by the AWB than the bill of lading.

What does an Air way bill contain ?

The AWB number includes the shipper’s name and address, the consignee’s name and address, a three-letter departure airport code, a three-letter destination airport code, customs declared shipment value, quantity, total weight, and product description. included. Special instructions

How to find AWB number ?

You can find the awb number or air waybill number on shipping documents.

What is Air way bill number Format ?

Each cargo of fright shipping company has their own AWB number format. For example : Oman air cargo (910-12345678). More than 230 shipping cargo companies are supported, you can track the cargo instantly.