Container Tracking – Bill Of Lading

What is Bill of Lading ?

A bill of lading is a document required to move cargo. The bill of lading (BOL) serves as a document of receipt of freight services, contracts between freight carriers and shippers, and ownership. A bill of lading is a legally binding document that provides the driver and carrier with all the details necessary to process and properly bill the freight.

BOL Number

A unique number that appears on the bill of lading when the shipment of the goods is approved.

Using this bill of lading number you can track MSC , CMA CGM ,COSCO like containers.

Reading a Bill Of Lading

Most bills of lading contain the same basic information, but different companies may have different layouts or prioritize different aspects of the BOL. Therefore, it is easy to get confused when trying to load an unfamiliar BOL.

BOL Reference ID or Number

At the top of the BOL, you will see spaces for both the shipping reference number and the quote identification number. These numbers are generated to help identify and track the cargo as it arrives at its final destination.

bill of lading number
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What is Bill of lading number format ?

According to Customs and the maritime industry , the first 4 digit are ship line code and the 12-digit identifier itself.