Air Cargo tr,Airway Bill - Track Trace

Air Cargo tr,Airway Bill – Track Trace [2023]

Air Cargo tr, Airway Bill

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Air cargo refers to the transportation of goods or products by air. This can include a wide range of items such as electronics, medical supplies, perishable foods, clothing, and more. Air cargo is typically transported in specialized cargo planes or in the cargo holds of passenger planes.

Air cargo is a fast and efficient way to transport goods across long distances and can be especially useful for time-sensitive or high-value items. It is often used for international trade and commerce, with major airlines and logistics companies offering air cargo services to businesses and individuals worldwide.

Some common types of air cargo include general cargo, express cargo, and special cargo such as oversized or hazardous materials. The process of shipping air cargo involves several steps including packaging and labeling the items, obtaining necessary documentation, and arranging for transport and delivery.

Air Cargo tr,Airway Bill - Track Trace

How do I track my air cargo shipment?

To track your air cargo shipment, you will typically need to obtain a tracking number or air waybill number from the company that is handling your shipment. This number is a unique identifier assigned to your shipment that allows you to track its progress from origin to destination.

Once you have the tracking number, you can usually track your air cargo shipment online through the website of the airline or logistics company that is handling your shipment. You can also often track your shipment using third-party tracking websites which aggregate tracking information from multiple carriers.

To track your shipment online, simply enter the tracking number into the appropriate field on the carrier’s or third-party tracking website and click the “track” button. You should then be able to view information about the status of your shipment, including its current location, estimated delivery time, and any updates or changes to its schedule.

If you are having difficulty tracking your air cargo shipment or have questions about its status, you may also be able to contact the carrier or logistics company directly for assistance.

What are the three types of air cargo carriers?

The three main types of air cargo carriers are:

  1. Integrated carriers: These are airlines that have their own dedicated cargo divisions, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. These carriers have their own fleet of cargo aircraft, ground handling facilities, and sorting centers, which enable them to offer door-to-door delivery services and handle a wide range of cargo types, from small parcels to large freight shipments.
  2. All-cargo carriers: These are airlines that specialize in transporting cargo only, without any passenger services. Examples of all-cargo carriers include Atlas Air, Kalitta Air, and Cargojet Airways. These carriers operate a fleet of cargo aircraft, often with larger capacities and specialized equipment for transporting heavy or oversized cargo.
  3. Combination carriers: These are airlines that offer both passenger and cargo services, such as United Airlines, Lufthansa, and Air China. Combination carriers typically transport cargo in the belly of their passenger aircraft, which can be less expensive than operating a dedicated cargo fleet. However, this also means that their cargo capacity is limited by the number of passenger flights they operate. Some combination carriers also have dedicated cargo divisions, similar to integrated carriers.

What is Aircargo tariff?

An air cargo tariff is a document that outlines the rates and charges associated with shipping goods by air. The tariff is typically published by an airline or air cargo carrier and sets out the fees and charges for various types of cargo, destinations, and shipping methods.

The air cargo tariff may include charges such as:

  • Transportation charges: This is the fee charged for transporting the cargo from its origin to its destination.
  • Terminal charges: This includes fees associated with handling the cargo at the airport, such as loading and unloading, storage, and documentation.
  • Security charges: This is a fee charged to cover the cost of security measures required for air cargo, such as screening and inspections.
  • Fuel surcharges: This is an additional fee added to cover the cost of fuel, which can fluctuate based on market conditions.

The air cargo tariff is an important document for both shippers and carriers, as it establishes the terms and conditions of the air cargo transportation contract. Shippers can use the tariff to estimate the cost of shipping their goods by air, while carriers use it to establish their rates and charges and ensure that they are in compliance with industry regulations.

Aircargo Tracking Number Format

Air cargo tracking numbers typically consist of a combination of letters and numbers that uniquely identify a specific shipment. The format of the tracking number can vary depending on the carrier or logistics company that is handling the shipment.

However, some common formats for air cargo tracking numbers include:

  • Three-letter carrier code followed by an eight-digit number (e.g., ABC12345678)
  • Three-letter carrier code followed by a hyphen and nine-digit number (e.g., ABC-123456789)
  • Four-letter carrier code followed by a space and ten-digit number (e.g., ABCD 1234567890)

In addition to the tracking number itself, air cargo carriers may also use other identifying information to track shipments, such as the shipper’s name, destination, or flight number. Customers can use the tracking number to check the status of their shipment online or by contacting the carrier directly.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about air cargo:

  • What is air cargo?
    Air cargo refers to the transportation of goods or products by air. This can include anything from small packages to large shipments of freight or cargo.
  • What are the advantages of air cargo?
    Air cargo is often faster and more efficient than other forms of transportation, such as sea or ground shipping. It can also be used to transport goods over long distances or across international borders.
  • How is air cargo priced?
    Air cargo is priced based on a variety of factors, including the weight and size of the shipment, the distance it will travel, and the type of service required. Carriers typically publish tariffs that outline their rates and charges for different types of cargo.
  • How can I track my air cargo shipment?
    To track your air cargo shipment, you will need to obtain a tracking number from the carrier or logistics company handling your shipment. You can then use this number to track the progress of your shipment online or by contacting the carrier directly.
  • What types of cargo can be shipped by air? Air cargo can include a wide range of goods, including perishable items, hazardous materials, oversized or heavy cargo, and high-value products. However, some items may be restricted or prohibited from air transport due to safety or security concerns.
  • How is air cargo secured during transport?
    Air cargo is typically secured in special containers or pallets designed to prevent shifting or damage during transport. Carriers may also use special handling procedures, such as temperature control or security measures, to ensure the safety and integrity of the cargo.

    List of Aircargo & Airline A to Z

    ABSA Cargo Airline / LATAM Cargo Brasil M3 549
    ABX Air GB 832
    ACTC MR 711
    Aegean Airlines A3 390
    Aer Lingus Cargo EI 053 / 125
    Aeroflot SU 555 (alternate tracking site) (from/to Germany: Aeroflot Germany)
    Aerolinea Del Caribe / Aercaribe JK 543
    Aerolineas Argentinas AR 044
    Aeromexico Cargo AM 139 (alternate tracking site)
    AeroUnion 6R 873
    Aigle Azur ZI 439
    Air Algerie AH 124
    Air Arabia G9 514
    AirAsia D7 843
    AirAsia Berhad AK 807
    AirAsia India I5 091
    Air Astana KC 465
    Air Baltic BT 657
    Air Belgium KF 142
    Air Botswana BP 636
    AirBridge Cargo RU 580
    Air Canada AC 014
    Air China CA 999
    Airclass Lineas Aereas VZ 510
    Air Europa Cargo UX 996
    Air France AF 057 (Skyteam tracking)
    Air Greenland GL 631
    Air Hong Kong LD 288
    Air Incheon KJ 994
    Air India AI 098
    Air Italy IG 191
    Air Macau NX 675
    Air Madagascar MD 258
    Air Malta KM 643
    Air Mauritius MK 239 (alternate tracking site)
    Airmax Cargo M8 658
    Air Moldova 9U 572
    Air Namibia SW 186
    Air New Zealand NZ 086
    Air Niugini PX 656
    Air Premia YP 350
    Air Serbia (JAT) JU 115
    Air Seychelles HM 061
    Air Tahiti Nui TN 244
    Air Transat TS 649 (alternate tracking site)
    Alaska Airlines AS 027
    Alitalia AZ 055 (alternate tracking site)
    Allied Air 4W 574
    Aloha Air Cargo KH 687
    American Airlines AA 001
    Amerijet International M6 810
    ANA All Nippon Cargo NH 205
    Asiana Airlines OZ 988
    ASL Airlines Belgium (formerly TNT) 3V 756
    Astral Aviation 8V 485
    Atlas Air 369 5Y
    Avianca Cargo AV 134
    Azerbaijan Airlines J2 771
    Azul Cargo AD 577
    Bahamasair UP 111
    Bangkok Airways PG 829
    Belavia Belarusian Airlines B2 628
    Biman Bangladesh BG 997
    Bringer Air Cargo E6 417
    British Airways BA 125
    Brussels Airlines SN 082
    Bulgaria Air FB 623

    CAL Cargo Air Lines 5C 700
    Calm Air MO 622
    Camair-Co QC 040
    Canadian Airlines Int´l CP 018
    Cargojet Airways W8 489
    Cargologicair P3 560
    Cargolux Airlines CV 172
    Cargolux Italia C8 356
    Caribbean Airlines BW 106
    Cathay Pacific Airways CX 160
    Cayman Airways KX 378
    Cebu Air 5J 203
    Charterlines CQ 976
    China Airlines CI 297
    China Cargo Airlines CK 112 (alternate tracking site)
    China Eastern Airlines MU 781
    China Southern Airlines CZ 784 (alternate tracking site)
    CMA CGM Air Cargo 2C 003
    Cobaltair CO 354
    Condor Flugdienst DE 881
    Copa Airlines Cargo CM 230
    Corsair SS 923
    Coyne Airways 7C 575
    Croatia Airlines OU 831
    Cubana de Aviacion CU 136
    Cyprus Airways CY 048
    Czech Airlines OK 064 (alternate tracking site)
    Delta Air Lines DL 006 (alternate tracking site)
    DHL Aero Expreso 992 D5
    DHL Aviation/DHL Airways ER 423
    DHL Aviation / European Air Transport QY 615
    Dragonair KA 043
    Egyptair MS 077 (alternate tracking site)
    EL AL LY 114
    Emirates EK 176
    Estafeta Carga Aerea E7 355
    Estonian Air OV 960
    Ethiopian Airlines ET 071
    ETIHAD Airways EY 607
    Eva Airways BR 695

    Fedex FX 023
    Fiji Airways FJ 260
    Finnair AY 105
    flydubai cargo FZ 141
    Fly One 5F 130
    Gabon Airlines GY 013
    Garuda Indonesia GA 126
    Global Aviation and Services 5S 301
    Gol Airlines (VRG Linhas Aéreas) G3 127
    Gulf Air GF 072
    Hainan Airlines HU 880
    Hawaiian Airlines HA 173
    Hong Kong Air Cargo RH 828
    Hong Kong Airlines HX 851
    Hong Kong Express UO 128
    Iberia IB 075
    Icelandair FI 108
    IndiGo CarGo 6E 312
    Insel Air Cargo 7I 958
    Iran Air IR 096
    Japan Airlines JL 131
    Jeju Air 7C 806
    Jetairfly TB 754
    Jet Airways 9W 589
    Jet Airways Inc. (US) QJ 508
    Jet Club 0J 254
    Jetstar Asia Airways 3K 375
    Jubba Airways 3J 535
    Kalitta Air K4 272
    Kenya Airways KQ 706
    KLM Cargo KL 074 (Skyteam tracking)
    Korean Air KE 180 (alternate tracking site)
    Kuwait Airways KU 229
    LACSA Airlines of Costa Rica LR 133
    LAN Airlines (LATAM) LA 045
    LAN Chile Cargo UC 145
    LAN Ecuador XL 462
    LAS Cargo 4L 174
    LATAM Airlines Brasil / TAM Linhas Aereas JJ 957
    LATAM CARGO Colombia L7 985
    LIAT Airlines LI 140
    LOT Polish Airlines LO 080
    Lufthansa Cargo AG LH 020
    Mahan Airlines W5 537
    Malaysian Airline System MH 232
    Malindo Airways OD 816
    Mandarin Airlines AE 803
    Martinair Cargo MP 129
    MASAir M7 865
    MCS Aerocarga de Mexico T8 137
    Mercury Americas 4X 805
    Middle East Airlines ME 076
    MNG Airlines MB 716
    My Indo Airlines 2Y 585

    National Air Cargo N8 416
    Neos SPA NO 703
    Niger Air Cargo NO 519
    Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ 933
    Nok Air DD 596
    Norse Atlantic Airways N0 506
    Northern Air Cargo / StratAir NC 345
    Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 328
    Norwegian Air UK DI 762
    Olympic Airways OA 050
    Oman Air WY 910
    Pakistan Int´l Airlines PK 214
    Pegasus Cargo PC 624
    Philippine Airlines PR 079
    Polar Air Cargo PO 403
    Qantas Airways QF 081
    Qatar Airways QR 157
    Raya Airways TH 539
    Royal Air Maroc AT 147
    Royal Brunei Airlines BI 672
    Royal Jordanian RJ 512
    RUS (Reliable Unique Services) Aviation R4 827
    RwandAir WB 459
    Ryan Air Arctic Transportation Services 7S ???
    SAC South American Airways S6 817
    SAS-Scandinavian Airlines System SK 117
    SATA Air Acores SP 737
    SATA International S4 331
    Saudi Arabian Airlines SV 065 (alternate tracking site)
    SF Airlines O3 921
    Shandong Airlines SC 324
    Shanghai Airlines FM 774
    Shenzhen Airlines ZH 479 (Chinese)
    Siberia Airlines 421 S7
    Sichuan Airlines 3U 876
    Silk Air 629 MI
    Silk Way Airlines 463 ZP
    Silk Way West Airlines 501 7L
    Singapore Airlines SQ 618
    Skygreece Airlines GW 358
    Skylease Cargo KY 576
    Sky West Airlines OO 302
    Solar Cargo 4S 644
    South African Airways SA 083
    Southwest Airlines WN 526
    SpiceJet SG 775
    SriLankan Cargo 603 UL
    Stabo Air 4E 242
    Starlight Airlines QP 321
    Starlux Cargo JX 189
    Sunclass Airlines DK 630
    Swiss LX 724
    Syrian Arab Airlines RB 070

    TAAG-Angola Airlines DT 118
    TAB Transportes Aereos Bolivianos B1 901
    TACA TA 202
    Tampa Airlines QT 729
    TAP Air Portugal 047 TP
    Tarom 281 RO
    TATA SIA Airlines/Vistara Cargo UK 228
    Thai Airways TG 217
    TianJin Airlines GS 826
    TNT Airways (see ASL Airways Belgium) 3V 756
    Trans American Airways/TACA Peru T0 530
    TUI Airlines TB 612
    Tunisair TU 199
    Turkish Airlines TK 235
    Ukraine Int´l Airlines PS 566
    Uni Airways B7 525
    United Airlines Cargo UA 016
    Uni-Top Airlines UW 699
    UPS Air Cargo 5X 406
    Ural Airlines Cargo U6 262
    Uzbekistan Airways HY 250
    VARIG RG 042/183
    Vensecar Internacional V4 946
    Vietjet VJ 978
    Vietnam Airlines VN 738
    Virgin Atlantic VS 932
    Westjet Cargo WS 838
    WOW Air WW 377
    XiamenAir MF 731
    XL Airways France SE 473
    Suparna / Jinpeng / Yangtze River Express Airlines Y8 871
    Yemenia Yemen Airways IY 635