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Track amazon package with number complete guide – We have shared multiple tracking options to get package delivery status.

 If you’ve ordered something from Amazon and want to make sure you’re at home when the package is delivered, here’s how you can quickly and easily track your order with Amazon .

If you order one or multiple items from Amazon , you’ll be happy to know that you can track the order every step of the way. Every order that has already been shipped by Amazon can be tracked. Tracking information can be found from your order details.

Orders consisting of multiple items may have different delivery dates and tracking information. Therefore, you have to track each item separately.

It is also important to note that some parcels, for standard international delivery, may not be tracked. The usual way to track a parcel on Amazon is as follows:

Steps to Track amazon package with number

  1. Launch your web browser and sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to ‘Your Orders’.
  3. Go to the particular sequence you want to track. If there are multiple orders, check them all individually
  4. Click on ‘Track Package’ next to your order to see your order’s ranking information.
Track amazon package with number

Amazon Logistics Package Tracking

You cannot track Amazon Logistics delivery using normal tracking numbers. Instead, you have to use the original tracking link you received from Amazon. This should have been sent in the shipping confirmation email. To track amazon package with number, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the email associated with your Amazon account
  2. Select and open the shipping confirmation email you received from Amazon
  3. Click on the ‘Track Your Package’ link included in the email
  4. Wait for the web page to load and proceed to copy the link to your clipboard
  5. Paste the link into search bar and you should be able to track your Amazon Logistics package

Amazon Tracking ID TBA

Special circumstances apply to Amazon IDs that begin with TBA. TBA Tracking ID is specially delivered for same day or two day delivery. The ID will typically be used for package delivery in larger cities, where same-day or two-day delivery is possible and common.

Parcels with tracking numbers starting with TBA must have a carrier such as AMZN US, Amazon , Amazon or Amazon Logistics. There is no way to track the package as it is done from local warehouse and sorting facilities unlike common couriers.

To track a package with a TBA Tracking ID, you need to go to the ‘Your Order’ section on Amazon or tracking sites such as by clicking ‘Track Package’ in ‘Your Orders’ and copying the tracking link Have to paste.

Tracking Amazon Packages by Mobile Phone

You can track an Amazon package even if your mobile device is not ordered through the application by using the following procedure:

  1. Open the Amazon app Create your iOS or Android device and log in to your account
  2. Click ‘More’ from your iOS device. For Android and Windows devices tap ‘Your Orders’ and search for the order you want to track and click ‘View’ or ‘Track Order’.

Tracking Amazon Packages by Order Number

You can track Amazon package using order number only if you know the courier through which your package is being transported. The option to track your order by Tracking Number is only available for common couriers like Federation X, UPS and DHL and not for orders transported by Amazon . You can do this on Amazon by going to the ‘Your Orders’ section, clicking ‘Track Package’ and copying the tracking link. You will then go to the courier’s website and paste the link to track your package.

Can you track an Amazon package with just the tracking number?

You will need to ask the person who purchased the item for their tracking number or Amazon order number. You can then safely track your package by entering your Amazon order number or tracking number in the search field above.

How does Amazon tracking ID work?

After successful order placement,you will receive the tracking code with estimated delivery date.You can use the tracking ID to track the package delivery status.

How many digits is an Amazon tracking number?

Amazon tracking number format depends on region of a different countries.You can check out the tracking number details from “My order section”.

Can I track package by address?

No,there is no such option to track package by Address.You can contact the delivery service provider for any additional details.

What carrier does Amazon use?

Amazon global site which is “” still use UPS mostly to deliver their items.However, they can book any carrier to deliver product to their customers.