What is Open Top Container? Uses and Dimensions

Open Top Containers, How much cost for this kind of container ?

Open-top containers are special containers, not many in the system. It also means that they are often more expensive in container trading.

What is Open Top Container? Uses and Dimensions

Almost everything can be shipped in containers. But to make that possible, we need a container that can carry the weight of the cargo and various sizes, and we need to ship it.

For example, in theory, a 20-foot container can carry up to a weight of about 28 tons. The same is true for 20-foot open-top containers. However, the maximum payload of the container depends on the owner.

So, for example, if you needed to transport a pipe across the sea, you probably came across an open-top container.

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As you can guess from the name, open top containers have open tops. The top of the container is made of tarpaulin. It’s not a sturdy roof like you’d find in other types of containers.

For shipping large and bulky cargo, Open Top Containers are used

Open top container for tricky cargo

Open top containers are ideal when you need to transport large cargo. However, given that they are special containers and not many are circulating, they can be more expensive to get.

However, despite being more expensive, open-top containers have fundamental advantages. It has a larger capacity than a normal standard container. And that’s exactly because they have an open roof.

How much does an open top container cost ?

The price of an open top container also depends heavily on the cargo. And whether it is in the “gauge”. In other words, the price depends on the height of the cargo. If the cargo is below or above the roof level. If the cargo exceeds the height of the roof, the transportation will be more expensive.

One of the reasons is that other containers cannot be stacked on top of open top containers. And it creates wasted space and costs you money.

What an open top can carry

An open top container can carry about 30 tons (30.000 kilograms). And for many, it can be a little difficult to relate these numbers. So here are some things, open top containers will be strong enough to carry

The open top container can carry about 4 grown elephants.

Approximately 3 forward anchors can be shipped from the cruise ship. Each of the RMS Queen Elizabeth’s weighs 11.3 tonnes.

The container can also carry the weight of about 30 cows.

However, we usually do not ship these items. At least we will not ship in open top containers. However, these containers often ship pipes, construction materials, machinery, and bulky raw materials.

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The open top container has a lashing ring to stabilize the cargo regardless of the height or weight of the item.

Like many other containers, open-top containers are available on both 20-foot open tops and 40-foot open tops. Below are measurements of open-top containers in both 20 and 40 feet.

Internal length5.89m / 19.4ft12.03m / 39.5ft
Internal width2.35m / 7.8ft2.4m / 7.9ft
Internal height2.35m / 7.8ft2.34m / 7.8ft
Tare weight2,260kg / 5,982 lbs3,980kg / 8,774 lbs
Payload capacity28,220 kg / 62,214 lbs26,500kg / 58,422 lbs
Cubic capacity32.7 m3 / 1,155 cu ft66.7 m3 / 2,356 cu ft