ship parcel from japan

How to Ship Parcels From Japan?

Learn how Ship Parcels From Japan easily without any hassle

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Millions of packages and parcels are delivered every day around the world. All of this has been made possible because air freight, shipping, and courier services have become fast and advanced. It goes without saying that if you want to ship a package / merchandise from anywhere in the world, it can reach its destination within 24 hours. Japan also has all the shipping methods you need to send your belongings anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expat leaving Japan or living outside of Japan, but if you want to ship goods to Japan, there are many ways available to ship from Japan. Of course, certain rules and regulations come into play regarding weight and size, but having a good knowledge of shipping from Japan can save you a good deal of money. That is why today we will tell you about the different ways available to send your goods from Japan.

ship parcels from japan

But before we immediately jump to the available shipping methods from Japan, there are a few basic features that you should know about:

The post office is not always the cheapest option available. There are other ways available that can save a lot of money.
• The faster the means of transport, the cheaper it will be for smaller shipments.
• The faster the means of transport, the more expensive it will be for larger shipments.
• Air freight is the cheapest and fastest for smaller shipments.
Larger shipments, such as 1 ton or more, are cheaper by sea.
Customs clearance for smaller shipments by air, courier or mail is easier than larger shipments by sea.
• International shipping of personal belongings and commercial freight from Japan have different charges, such as rules and regulations.

Ways to Ship Parcels From Japan

Now that you’ve understood the basics of shipping from Japan, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the available ways, such as moving to Japan if you’re going somewhere else, or just shipping a package to someone. correct shipping method.

  1. Japan Post: Like any other country, the local Japan Post is the most common way to send possessions or goods from Japan. You can choose EMS OR Airmail because it is a faster way than surface mail to ship custom products. But Japan Post is only useful if you are not shipping large or heavy items as weight and size restrictions must be followed.
  2. Courier service: leading international shipping companies such as DHL, UPS and FedEx Express, etc. It is also a great way to send personal belongings such as goods to Japan or from Japan to anywhere in the world. Of course, weight and size restrictions decide the charges you must pay. For example, the shipping cost for a 0.5 kg package is minimal, but it can be expensive if the weight is 45 kg.
  3. Aviation: If you need to send a relatively large package or a package with a minimum weight of 45 kg, aviation is the most suitable shipping mode for you to choose. You can even send packages that weigh 5kg or 10kg, but you will not get any discount if you receive by sending a heavier package.
  4. LCL shipping (load less than container): This shipping service is best for choosing if your package or goods exceed the weight and size restrictions of the Japan Post or Courier Service. In LCL you will be charged on the basis of “cubic meters”. Generally, a cubic meter of pure water weighs a ton. LCL is not a profitable service if you send a lesser charge.
  5. Full Container Shipment (FCL) – If your shipment is very large, this is the most cost-effective service to choose. The minimum weight of the merchandise must be 10 cubic meters. FCL service is available for almost all countries in the world, such as USA, Europe and Australia, etc.

Hope above information will help you ship parcels from japan.