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Enter your Hapag-Lloyd container tracking number below. The format should be HLXU1234567 to get his Hapag-Lloyd container status in real time.

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About Hapak-Lloyd

tableroid trackingWith more than 150 modern vessels, 5 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) transported annually, and nearly 7,000 motivated staff deployed in over 300 locations in 114 countries, we are an industry leader. networked through an IT system that is Hapag-Lloyd is a leading global liner and strong partner.

Hapag-Lloyd provides approximately 100 liner services between all continents. The total fleet capacity is about 730,000 TEU and the container inventory is about 100 tons. 1.1 million TEU includes the world’s largest and most modern refrigerated container fleet.

For over 165 years, Hapag-Lloyd has set industry-wide benchmarks for reliability, service, productivity and environmental protection. Hapag-Lloyd’s other key topics are compliance and sustainability.

Official website: www.hapag-lloyd.com

Hapag-Lloyd tracking help

  • If you have problems with the container tracking system, please track your container directly on the Hapag-Lloyd website .
  • If you can’t get tracking information from Hapag-Lloyd’s official website , we recommend contacting Hapag-Lloyd.

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Hapag-Lloyd Container Tracking Number Format

When shipped with Hapag-Lloyd, you will see a Hapag-Lloyd container tracking number in the format HLXU1234567. HLXU is the Hapag-Lloyd prefix.

Hapag-Lloyd has the following prefixes: HLCU, HLXU, CPSU, CSQU, AZLU, CMUU, LYKU, LYTU, TMMU, FANU, ITAU, CASU, IVLU, SIUU, CACU, PCRU, TLEU, and HLBU.

Learn more about Hapag-Lloyd Container Tracking Numbers from the picture below.
hapag-lloyd container tracking

Hapag-Lloyd Container Tracking Help Center

If you have any issues with the Hapag-Lloyd container tracking system, please submit your issue here. We will help you as soon as possible.
Declaration : We cannot contact the carrier or any other person on your behalf. You can only track your package using the Hapag-Lloyd container tracking number on the official tracking system.

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