Different Types of Shipping Containers Available to Buy

If you want to know in important terms what a shipping container really is, well, it is a standardized, resealable shipping box made of steel and used for cargo transportation. In simplest terms, it is a steel box, with golf hinges, doors and floors and walls that transport your goods safely across the oceans. They began their journey by carrying cargo from one port city to another, by boat and hence the name. But today, fortunately, unfortunately, shipping containers are used much more for purposes other than cargo transportation. Oddly enough, they are easily used as side cafes, pop-up offices, valuable storage, space-saving houses, etc.

Shipping containers are priced which generally depends on their dimensions – the larger the container, the higher the price. They are quite easy to buy! If they are shipped to their final destinations, it will probably be quite expensive to return them. But if you pick them up to use as home storage or to set up a mobile office unit, such as a portable laundry unit for events, etc., you can rent them yourself instead of buying them whole. It is up to you whether you want to buy or rent it, and in keeping with the current housing trend, container homes are completely all the rage.

Different variants of shipping containers.

Now before you make the actual decision: whether you should buy a used or new shipping container, where should you use it, where should you put it, who should you buy / rent it from, etc., if you think of one. smallest extra thing. Yes, that is the type of shipment you need to do. There are several varieties of shipping containers that you can take home, so many that it can be quite overwhelming.

  1. General Use: This is your type of shipping container and also the most popular. It’s a perfect choice for all those general transportation or storage needs. These can also be customized in different uses.
  2. Open top: The biggest advantage of this type is that they can be loaded with a crane from above. So it is your preferred option if you want to ship or store things like heavy machinery. Once loading is done, a canvas roof is used to cover the top opening.
  3. Dangerous Goods: Yes, we have a separate type for that. These containers are used to store or transport items such as flammable goods, explosives, gases, chemicals, etc.
  4. Side Opening – As the name suggests, these containers have doors that open sideways. This makes it much more convenient for the user to load wider objects and speeds up the process.
  5. Cooling: These containers are useful if you need to store or transport items that are perishable or that need to be kept at a constant temperature.
  6. Local Office: This type of container is used especially for on-site construction and serves as a mobile on-site office. They can also be used as a secure storage option.
  7. High cube: And finally, this type of container is used when there is a unique need to load or transport items that are extra long. They come with an extra foot of internal height and are perfect for those who are larger than life activities.

So these are the different types of shipping containers, simply put. Each has its own unique characteristics and uses. That, it all comes down to you, where you need the container. And so you will arrive at the best decision.