7 Things You Should Not Include in Container Shipping

Container shipping is a convenient and safe way to move an entire household from point A to point B, but there are certain items that should not be included in the shipment. Some are common sense and some may surprise you, but all should be excluded from your shipping container.

Container Shipping prohibited items

Living flora and fauna

The inclusion of live animals of any kind in international container shipping is absolutely prohibited, as are most living plants (even seeds). If you need to bring some kind of live plant in a container, be prepared to complete an extensive document on the nature of the contained plant. Also, be prepared to pay additional obligations when the container arrives at the port.

Food and alcohol

No fresh food of any kind can be packed in a shipping container. Food and alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. Knowing that if you have food or alcohol (such as a wine collection) that is included, you need to make sure everything is unopened and declare everything, which may result in additional tariffs and inspections. Please give me.

Dangerous goods

These materials include aerosol cans, chemical sets, nail polish and removers, batteries, paints, motor oils, propane tanks and gasoline. Do not pack small items such as matchbooks in shipping containers as they can even be considered dangerous.

Important documents

Although shipping containers are safe and secure, it is always advisable to keep important documents in person while on the move. Documents such as birth certificates, home certificates, and insurance policies must all be packed in a Zip Topwich bag and kept in your personal baggage.

Sentimental items

Irreplaceable items such as old family photos, photo albums, and small but important family heirs should be kept with you on the move. The same applies to expensive and important jewelry items. If something happens to your shipping container at an unlikely event, we’re happy to keep them safely with you.

Keys and small electronics

Store all keys and small electronics that you may need to access as soon as you arrive, rather than packing them in a container. If for some reason the container stagnates in the port, you don’t have to wait for access to your key or laptop.

Car or engine

Vehicles of any kind must go through a unique process at the port and should not be placed in shipping containers. A special inspection must be performed that is separate from the inspection performed on the container. In addition, the engine should not be placed in a shipping container due to safety concerns.

Keep these items in mind and always exclude them from the shipping container during packaging. Containers will be much easier to pass through customs, avoiding mistakes and accidents that can be very costly.