5 Ways to Offer Free Ecommerce Shipping in Your Store

The most question that every ecommerce store owner should ask is whether or not your online store is ready for free ecommerce or not. The answer may require a lot of discussion. Obviously, you want to offer the best services for your customers, but you can’t fall into harm’s way just for your customers. After all, you are here to do business and make profits.

Whenever you are on the verge of making a decision on free ecommerce shipping, you need to check if it is possible. It will surprise you if you provide free shipping only for a product that is worth Rs. 50.

However, on the second hand, you cannot ignore the huge benefits that are presented by offering free shipping. Psychologically, it triggers your customer to buy more products, as the overall difference in free final costs. Also, it makes you stand out among your competitors. So, what can be done to start free ecommerce shipping in your store without any loss to your business? Here are some tricks.

Set minimum threshold

You can determine the minimum purchase amount instead of free shipping on all products. This way you are at risk of facing any loss. Also, you indirectly encourage your customers to buy more. For example, if you set 1500 for free shipping ,there is a huge possibility that a customer will get stuck at Rs 500 as the lowest purchase amount for free shipping. Always try to set minimum amount threhold so that customers get interested and purchase more items from your store.

Selected Products or Categories

You can offer free shipping in selected products or categories where your profit margin is high. Higher margins can easily bear the cost of shipping. Also, it will definitely boost sales of that product.

Promotional or festival offers

The festival season is the most productive season e-commerce store for any. If year-long free shipping is not your cup of tea, you can always choose a certain time or festive season, where you can offer promotional offers of free shipping. Also, by offering free shipping promotional offers, you can see an increase of about 15-25% in your sales.

Flat Rate Shipping

Although, it does not come under “free ecommerce shipping”, choosing for flat shipping rates can do well. For example, Shipping rate as of 100 is for all orders.

Include shipping costs in product expenses

It is one of the latest strategies used to attract more customers. You can include shipping charges at primary product expenses and then offer free ecommerce shipping. You have made your competitors stand out by offering free shipping at MRP.


The options you can offer free shipping without any loss to your business above are just an overview. You can choose which of them or try once and see good results. Also,If you know other strategies, we are interested to know that. Let us know about it by adding a comment below.